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Aktualizacja webMAN do wersji: v1.43.15

Nareszcie aktualizacja bardzo popularnej wtyczki Webman dla PS3. W nowej wersji oznaczonej numerkiem 1.43.15 odnajdziecie kilka przydatnych funkcji jak temperatura procesorów CPU / RSX (odświeżane co 15 sec w webowym GUI). To fantastycznie, że scena PS3 nadal rozwija się tak prężnie. A twórcy ciągle dostosowują i dodają nowe funkcję do swojego oprogramowania.


Poniżej changelog i linki do ściągnięcia :

webMAN MOD 1.43.15 Changelog:

  • Added ability to restore the syscalls 6/7/8/9/10/11/35 in /syscall.ps3mapi (without having to reboot)
  • CPU/RSX temperatures displayed on the header of the html pages now are updated every 15 secs.
  • Added next/back navigation with left/right keys to the memory hex viewer (/peek.lv1? and /peek.lv2? )

Oraz informacje o starszych wersjach:

webMAN MOD 1.43.14 Changelog:

  • Ability to use the file or folder name of the game, instead of the title in PARAM.SFO
  • Ability to disable display of ICON0.PNG (only default icons and images from custom url are displayed)
  • Covers now show a default icon if the url of the image is not available.
  • Reworked the disabled syscalls. Now always use PS3MAPI to disable the syscalls on all Cobra builds. Syscalls 6/7/9/10/11/35/36/38 now are always disabled. Syscall 8 is partially disabled by PS3MAPI.
  • webMAN now only uses syscalls 8/9 for peek/poke lv1/lv2. Peek lv1/lv2 now is available when syscalls are disabled. Poke is only available using Cobra 7.2 .
  • Implemented an improved security that prevents access from external processes to syscall 8 (when syscalls are disabled) – (Available only with Cobra 7.2)
  • Blocked online servers are now restored when syscalls are disabled.
  • Fixed an issue showing html5 code (datalist) on PS3 browser

webMAN MOD 1.43.13 Changelog:

  • Fixed a few bugs related with file names using unicode characters (utf8)
  • Added a wait dialog for Refresh XML, Refresh HTML and Copy Folder on the webGUI
  • Fixed the slider (the pkg included by mistake a mobile.html used for local testing)
  • Fixed a small display bug with the KLIC auto-logger

webMAN MOD 1.43.12 Changelog:

  • Added proper support for auto-play /BDISO and /DVDISO
  • Change: Auto-play option can be disabled temporarily holding L2 while mounting (formerly also R2)
  • Added option to disable temporarily [online] tag holding R2 while mounting.
    • If the [auto] tag is not used, holding L2 while mounting will enable temporarily the auto-play option.
    • If the [online] tags is not used, holding R2 while mounting will the remove syscalls.
  • Added option to pause/continue/toggle rsx processor. e.g. /browser.ps3$rsx_toggle
  • Screenshot of XMB now supports optional path. e.g. /browser.ps3$screenshot_xmb/dev_hdd0/xmb.bmp
  • File Manager now will show , or on dev_bdvd with a link to play the disc
  • /delete.ps3?uninstall now also removes the files of VSH Menu for webMAN and custom combos
  • Reduced file size of some VSH Menu backgrounds